Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finally - October Birthday Cards

Whoa!!  Has it really been since Oct. 23 that I did my last post?  Where has the time gone?!?

There were some things I thought I'd get to and didn't like finishing the last 4 blocks for an machine embroidered quilt I started way back in July, 2003.  I had completed the first quilt.  The blocks for a second one were used as class samples as I taught classes at Bailey's Sewing Center, our local machine store. I had also purchased the patterns for a Passionate for Pansies quilt.  I really want to do that one.

In the unfinished state there is also a counted cross stitch triptych called Amid Amish Life.  I have one side panel and the larger center panel completed a the third side panel started, but unfinished.

I have a couple boxes of other type projects that are unfinished.  Will I ever get to them?  Maybe.

Then there are all the card projects that I haven't done.  I print out pictures and tutorials, if available, for cards I want to do sometime.  Perhaps in 2014 I will make time to try lots of them!!!

And -- I need to go to the Yahoo site and do some "testing" to see if some of the problems have been resolved so I can get the Mingles up and running again.  I miss not doing them:(

In the meantime I have pictures of the birthday cards I made for Maggie Yahoo Group October birthdays that I didn't post yet.  Yes, you read that correctly (shame faced).

This card went to Monica Rathbun.

This one went to Terri Schmidt.

This one went to Wilma Zengotita.

Denise Queeley received this one.

Wendy Kaput was the recipient of this card.

I apologize for being soooooooo late in posting the pictures of these cards.  I truly hope each of the ladies enjoyed their cards and had wonderful birthdays.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!