Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to School

Just like us and our kids, Riley and Sophie had to go back to school after summer. They ask the same question all of us did - Where did the summer go?

Doesn't Sophie look cute in her new outfit?

(I can't believe how really blurry this pic is :( )

It says "Now I get to really use my new computer for homework (maybe!)"

Sophie wants to borrow it all the time so she can check her Snoutbook page.

When I went into her room to get it back, I could not believe my eyes.

"I understand that girls are powerless to resist studs like you and me."

So I felt duty bound to warn you about Sophie.

If you see her coming, run like a spooked wild stallion!

I hope you have a really great year at school.

See you around soon - (if Sophie doesn't chase you off !)

Your friend,
Riley Moose

Remember when we used to put a boy's initials all over our "brown bag" book covers?! Then the next week (or sometimes the next day) we had to make a new cover! Surely I wasn't the only one?!
Be blessed,

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ladies Retreat Table Favors

Every May and October, the Odosagih Ladies Boosters have a retreat. Each retreat one of the ladies makes or purchases table favors so each lady attending has something to take home.
I volunteered to make greeting cards as the table favors for the Fall Retreat.

The theme was Fall Fashion and Fun! I was unaware that a decorated hat show had been planned as one of the weekend activities. These cards were perfect!

Here are group pictures of the ninety plus cards I made.

The cards were decorated using curly doll hair, tiny nail "jewels", ribbons, brads, crystal effects to make the lipstick cases shiny, and lots of decorated papers!

I also made ninety plus bookmarks.
Everyone enjoyed the hysterically funny cows and mice dressed "to the nines"!

Be blessed! Thank you for stopping by.

Riley & Sophie in Hawaii

Here's another of the (in)famous Riley cards!!
The type is difficult to read.
Sophie was a great sport about going tent camping with me and roasting hot dogs over a campfire.

The s'mores were really great too!

I surprised her and took her to a Hawaiian them park before school started again.

I had lots of fun being the big Kamoosa on my surfboard!

Sophie spent a lot of time on the beach in her new bikini.

Near dinner time she got all moosied up for an evening out at a real luau.


I had no idea she could move like that!

I had to go water skiing just to cool my jets off!

I hope you had fun-filled summer, Nate.

See you soon.

Your friend forever,

Riley Moose

Hope you enjoy these crazy cards as much as I enjoy creating them! Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Riley Camping

I have been SOOOO bad about my blog. I just have not been inspired to get on here and do any posting. It is now 2010 - a new year with new resolutions - try to be better at keeping up my blog.

With all that being said - here is a Riley card that went out early in the fall.

The printing is a little blurred:-(

It says "I went fishing in the pond, but didn't catch any :(

Sophie just doesn't get it - when she swims, the fish swim away :~(
Oh, well. "

See you later. I hope you had a great time this summer.

I am very happy to report that Nate is doing extremely well with his chemo. The tumor has shrunk to the point of being indistinguishable from the tumor debris in his chest.

He finished all the requirements for the schooling he missed last year over this past summer and started this school year at the level he would have been by attending every day.

I hope all of you had a great summer (what there was of it) and a very happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.