Thursday, January 07, 2010

Riley & Sophie in Hawaii

Here's another of the (in)famous Riley cards!!
The type is difficult to read.
Sophie was a great sport about going tent camping with me and roasting hot dogs over a campfire.

The s'mores were really great too!

I surprised her and took her to a Hawaiian them park before school started again.

I had lots of fun being the big Kamoosa on my surfboard!

Sophie spent a lot of time on the beach in her new bikini.

Near dinner time she got all moosied up for an evening out at a real luau.


I had no idea she could move like that!

I had to go water skiing just to cool my jets off!

I hope you had fun-filled summer, Nate.

See you soon.

Your friend forever,

Riley Moose

Hope you enjoy these crazy cards as much as I enjoy creating them! Thanks for looking!

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