Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ladies Retreat Table Favors

Every May and October, the Odosagih Ladies Boosters have a retreat. Each retreat one of the ladies makes or purchases table favors so each lady attending has something to take home.
I volunteered to make greeting cards as the table favors for the Fall Retreat.

The theme was Fall Fashion and Fun! I was unaware that a decorated hat show had been planned as one of the weekend activities. These cards were perfect!

Here are group pictures of the ninety plus cards I made.

The cards were decorated using curly doll hair, tiny nail "jewels", ribbons, brads, crystal effects to make the lipstick cases shiny, and lots of decorated papers!

I also made ninety plus bookmarks.
Everyone enjoyed the hysterically funny cows and mice dressed "to the nines"!

Be blessed! Thank you for stopping by.

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