Thursday, December 11, 2008

Riley Visits Again

The next card in the Riley Moose series for my nephew Nate is on it's way to his mailbox!

This time Riley was in the Thanksgiving play dressed as a pilgrim holding a turkey.

I try to find designer papers to match the theme of the card page I'm working on. This piece just seemed to fit.

A Thanksgiving tradition in my daughter's family is to go get their Christmas tree a day or two after Thanksgiving. Then it stands in the den or living room for a few days to warm up and let the branches relax. Decorating it is sometimes done all at once; sometimes the lights are put on and the rest of the ornaments are added at a different time.

The snowflake paper was perfect for cutting the Christmas tree! After I took this picture, I added some iridescent snowflakes to the background.

Here's Riley going home after the "Great Christmas Tree Hunt Adventure"!

His scarf is a piece of very narrow ribbon tied around his neck and held in place with tine glue dots. The white lines from a piece of designer paper look pretty much like a road.

When my daughter was shopping last week, she found a stuffed Riley that looks very much like the stamp Riley. Of course she had to get it for me to send to Nate!

"Teddy Riley" will be going out in the mail in a couple days. I want time for the card to get there first!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cards for Co-Workers

My co-workers are all fabulous ladies!

Barb is our receptionist, typist, mail lady, billing gal - anything she is asked to do she does without complaint.

This is the card I made for her - House Mouse Little Nibbler. Inside says "Don't Ask! It's been one of those days!" She has "those days" nearly every week.

The pencil pieces are popped up on dimensionals.

Jean handles hundreds of pieces of paper in her daily routine of posting ticklers, typing letters, keeping up with investment transactions for clients,and anything needed to be done to help keep the office running smoothly.

Her card is Gruffies "Bear-ied in Paperwork". I took home a couple sheets of paper in the colors she sees most often on her desk to use on her card.

She loved it!

Terri is a super mom to 2 darling little ladies and a super shopper. She finds bargains everywhere she shops. I wish she would do my shopping.

Her desk is also covered in papers as she does data entry, bookkeeping and taxes for her clients, but I had already used the Bear-ied in Paperwork stamp.
So to honor her super shopping abilities, I used Sarah Kay's stamp "The Joy of Giving".

I decorated some of the envelopes with this cute Santa's Mail stamp from the $1.00 bin at AC Moore. It really livens up a plain envie. Don't know how the post office feels about decorated envelopes, but so far they haven't refused to take any of them.

Tomorrow I'll give Barb and Terri their cards.
Until next time,

Monday, December 01, 2008

Riley Moose Goes Calling

Riley Moose has become one of my favorite stamp charactors. He is just so darn cute no matter what he is up too. I made a card for my 15-year old nephew, Nate, with Riley coming to call.
Nate has an old red tractor he loves to drive all over the acreage his parents own and across a field to his friends' Fred & Pam's house.

Nate was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma in July, 2008. His parents keep everyone up to date on Nate's progress on a website called Caring Bridge. Hence Riley's reference to a bridge that cares!

He has been undergoing very rigorous chemo therapy and has responded miraculously to the treatments, all the while without complaining. He has been a real trooper through it all.

Of course Riley does all the fun things that kids do including Nate!

Here is Riley in his pirate halloween costume.

Riley had to help pick pumpkins for Thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pies!

The orange printing doesn't show up very well. It says

"Here I am in the pumpkin patch. Bet you couldn't guess that - HA! I have to go now and help get ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm glad I'm not a turkey (Smiley face). Nobody has stuffed moose."

I hope to continue the Riley "visits" throughout the year with each one representing seasonal activities. Maybe I will be really ambitious and make a second card each time and put them into book form later.