Monday, December 01, 2008

Riley Moose Goes Calling

Riley Moose has become one of my favorite stamp charactors. He is just so darn cute no matter what he is up too. I made a card for my 15-year old nephew, Nate, with Riley coming to call.
Nate has an old red tractor he loves to drive all over the acreage his parents own and across a field to his friends' Fred & Pam's house.

Nate was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma in July, 2008. His parents keep everyone up to date on Nate's progress on a website called Caring Bridge. Hence Riley's reference to a bridge that cares!

He has been undergoing very rigorous chemo therapy and has responded miraculously to the treatments, all the while without complaining. He has been a real trooper through it all.

Of course Riley does all the fun things that kids do including Nate!

Here is Riley in his pirate halloween costume.

Riley had to help pick pumpkins for Thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pies!

The orange printing doesn't show up very well. It says

"Here I am in the pumpkin patch. Bet you couldn't guess that - HA! I have to go now and help get ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm glad I'm not a turkey (Smiley face). Nobody has stuffed moose."

I hope to continue the Riley "visits" throughout the year with each one representing seasonal activities. Maybe I will be really ambitious and make a second card each time and put them into book form later.



JHET said...

hello kathy! riley is very cute!! btw, if I haven't told you yet (as I thought I'd already told you lol!), I got the fall card that you sent me. thanks so , so much! I really appreciate it!

God bless you and keep in touch!

Deby said...

Riley is too cute!!! You know, your pastor loves moose too!!! (smile)