Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Adventure in Frustration

This is my first try at blogging - so far very frustrating. Good thing my DD has a great sense of humor and is willing to put up with my computer ignorance. She set up her blog a couple days ago and has been helping me with mine.

I started making cards at a mini workshop at a ladies retreat I went to with a dear friend, Ruth. Shortly after that I went to a Creative Women workshop at our church when my friend Kim did a mini stamping program. In July, 2006, Kim had an SU workshop at her home and the rest is history. I haven't really designed many of my own, but I sure have CASED lots of them! My love of cardmaking is second only to my love of eating:(

Now to decide which of my many, many cards to upload first -- seasonal, birthday, get well, thinking of you, oldest cards, newest cards -- decisions, decisions. I definitely cannot make all these decisions on an empty stomach:)

Thanks for reading!


Chrissie said...

Can't wait to see those cards and become acquainted with you and the rest of the group.
I have only had my Blog up and running since the beginning of the month, but I'm gradually getting used to how things are done.
Here's to our future association!
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Sarah Elliott said...

Your room looks like mine - organized on one side and piles on the other - lol. Looking forward to our SBS22 group.