Saturday, October 04, 2008

Secret Sister Gift!

A couple of days ago I got some Happy Mail!! A very thick card from my secret sister.

The center panel swings out to reveal a message on the back as well as the Thanks and butterflies on the front. That is very clever! Thank you, secret sister for thinking of me!

Also in the card were the cute Bellas with a stack of gifts and 5 long pieces of sheer ribbon which were between 2 heavy coasters. Now I also have 2 coasters to embellish. Nothing in this package will go to waste!

The ribbon on the far right that barely shows is gray.

Since giving up the bridal/formal alterations, I have been some better about getting things done in a timely manner. I have done more blog hopping to see all of my SBS22 sisters' blogs and got a couple posts done. More WishRAK packets have gone out. Housework is still a major hangup :O( I have managed to get the laundry washed, dried, folded AND put away in the same day - major fete! Progress is being slowly made.

I have a Lipstick plant that I have had since 1984. Each year I would only see 6 to 8 flower sets and was really disappointed because I really tried to care properly for it. This year the plant has been loaded with flowers twice - once in the spring and now. I can't believe it! Here are some pictures of it as it appears today.

This is the gorgeous plant in full bloom (sounds like a great name for a stamp set)!!

Here's a close up of the fully opened flowers.

These are the flowers just beginning to "open up". The flower at the top shows the "lipstick" just coming up.

There are several stems that 2 sets of flowers and one even has 3!

The colors in these pictures are very true to the plant.

Time to go color images, put some cards together and stamp, stamp, stamp! :O)

Until next time,


JHET said...

Wow! What a yummy mail fr your secret sister. And the lipstick's the first time I see one. They're gorgeous!!!

Marge said...

Fabulous gift from your secret sister!!!
Love you lipstick plant too; always wanted one, but have never found one!

Anne Alagna said...

Beautiful flowers!

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