Friday, May 28, 2010

In Memory of Our Kitties

The past year has been very sad for us. Two of our kitties developed different cancers and had to be put down.

Slippers is on the left and Sneakers on the right. They were so much fun to watch. One minute they would be batting and hissing at each other and a short time later they would be cuddled up together in their chair. They look like twins even though Slippers was several years older than Sneakers.

Slippers had no visible outward signs of any problems, but a tumor had compressed her lungs and she really went downhill fast from that. In July, 2009 we sent her to Kitty Heaven.

This picture was taken just 2 days before Sneakers left us. He's hiding in the Yucca plants in my flower bed.

We had been treating him for a skin infection that just didn't clear up. Early April, 2010 he said "Enough!" and quit eating and drinking.

So now he and Slippers are together again. He had been my husband's consent garage companion since January, 2003. My DH really misses Sneakers as he would jump up on the work bench and stick his nose into everything DH was working on.

We still have Mee-Ow, our indoor kitty and Daisy Too, our second dog. Thanks for looking.

Blessings and Huggeroonies,

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your kitties. It's hard to lose a furbaby.