Friday, June 11, 2010

Wild Life Around Us

Although we live only 0.2 of a mile from a very busy main highway, we have an abundance of wild life cross our yard daily. We don't usually see the deer as they are nocturnal. But on occasion we have a very special treat and do see them.

This doe spent nearly a half hour nibbling on the berries and shoots on a tree in our side yard this past fall. She was oblivious to me and the camera in my craft room window while I was taking these pictures.
The muddy patch is our garden after the tomato baskets and dead plants were pulled out.

She was maybe 50 feet from the window where I was.

During the winter the deer are in the garden eating the tomatoes that fell off the plants as they were being dragged away to the junk pile.

She was just enjoying herself and when she had enough, she just leasurely walked across the back yard to the hedgerow along the back field.

In mid-May we heard what we thought was a bird caught in our chimney again.
When my husband checked it out, there was a robin building a nest by the chimney. He tore it down, but the next morning it was back. So he left it.
Here is a pic of Mrs. Robin sitting on her eggs.
It was terrible listening to the furnace run on a few cold nights, but we couldn't start the wood stove while that nest was there.
She wasn't too happy about me being near her taking this pic.

After hearing a lot of chatter and rustling around the chimney, we thought - Good. Now to remove the nest.

However, when hubby went out to remove it, this is what he saw - another nest built on top of the first one!

This time we had sparrows. So the nest is still there as we're not sure the babies are gone yet.

Across the driveway in the triangular flower bed is a bluebird nesting box with 5 eggs in it. They should be hatching any day now.

As I went near to take this pic, the male as sitting on top and the female was inside. Both flew away as I got near.

This house is on the corner of the deck railing. It has sparrows in it. One flew out of it as I walked by to take this picture!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing our wildlife!
Thanks for looking!



Candy said...

Love your pictures :o)
Hugs, Candy

Purple Princess said...

Wow... you sure do get a variety of critters. I love the doe in your yard. How exciting! I'm usually thrilled if I see a rabbit or hummingbird. LOL