Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Best Rider Award!

My husband drives a handicapped girl to school in Rochester every day.  Abby made Ken a kitty card to thank him for driving her.  She did the printing with spelling help.

Her favorite nickname for everyone is Chicken Nugget!  Ken calls her Monkey.

Because Abby is such a good rider and really behaves herself during the 40 minutes or so ride, Ken asked me to make her a card.  We came up with a van with Abby, Chicken Nugget and Monkey in the seats and Ken driving.  (He really doesn't look quite like that).  He does wear a cap with an American flag on the front and he does have a mustache.  Hhhhhmmmm!!  That driver does look a little like Ralph Kramden!

Inside her card was the "Best Rider Award".  She was so excited she had to show her dad and went back into her house to show mom before she could leave for school! 

Ken was told she wore her ribbon all day at school.

Amazing how something so little can be so important to a special little girl!

I'm glad you could take a couple minutes from your day to stop by and have a look.


Nancy said...

Kathy, these cards are wonderful.

Rene said...

Oh Kathy, what a sweet story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! And thank you for making a little gir's day!

Julie said...

What a sweet story!! How wonderful of you and your husband! Thanks for the smile today

Card Crazy said...

How cute. How sweet! This really is a true warm and fuzzy. Love it.
Sue S.

P.S. He really DOES look like Ralph Cramden :)

Christina C. said...

A small deed for Ken, but a huge deed for that sweet little girl!
Thanks for sharing!

Lisette Morris said...

It's precious! Just Precious!

Peggie said...

How sweet.

Candy said...

Kathy and Ken,
Kudos to the two of you for showing how much you care for special children.
You made a great card, Kathy and I am sure she will cherish it forever :o)
Hugs, Candy