Friday, November 26, 2010

The Dudes - Riley and Sophie!

After leaving Him-icane Earl behind, Riley and Sophie head west, well out of the storm's path. 

Their continuing driving vacation has taken them to a real Dude Ranch (maybe in Texas) this time.

Things were really not what Riley was expecting!

 Riley really was not prepared for this!
 I think Riley has a valid point - a moose is a lot bigger than a horse.
 Here is a close up of Sophie on a horse.

I had a lot of cut-and-paste time in getting this picture so it looked like Sophie was riding the horse and that she looked a lot bigger than the horse.  Then there was getting that hat to look big on her!

Did you notice the hoofkerchief around Sophie's neck?

So off they go for a horseback ride along some beautifully scenic trails.

They had a rather uneventful ride and returned to the ranch.

The horses had to be groomed and wiped down after the long ride.

Riley just happened to look closely at the horse Sophie had been riding.

That girl just cannot leave well enough alone!

After the long trail ride, everyone was ready for chow!

Image how proud Riley was when he was allowed to help moose the grills for dinner!
But, like all very good things, summer was nearing an end and Riley and Sophie would soon be heading home and back to school.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing another adventure with Riley and Sophie!  Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed these whimsical flights of fancy of mine!



Card Crazy said...

Sophie, please tell Riley that I think you looked very graceful riding horseback, and the color you chose for the hooficure was perfect.I'm glad you enjoyed your moose-venture and now can settle down and study moose lore very hard.
Sue S.

Peggie said...

What a delightful story. So imaginative.

Sandy said...

wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! a hofkerchief and a hoofacure - cracks me up. I luv the Dudes!!

Diana Crick said...

I loved the story, gave me a real chuckle!