Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Riley and Sophie Almost Meet Earl

I had mailed this card several weeks ago to Nate's aunt and uncle who own a general store in Elkin, North Carolina.  Hopefully this postmark will get Nate thinking that maybe they are the creators of the Riley cards!!  I had downloaded the pics from my camera, but forgot to do the blog post.

While Riley and Sophie were traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway and in Elkin, North Carolina, Hurricane Earl was approaching the eastern seaboard.
They had a great time sightseeing and visiting with some of their famoosely antlers and unclers.  The coumoosings were still away at summer grazing camp.

Riley was able to get in some quality fishing time.  Sophie usually wants to swim while Riley fishes, but this time she stayed out of the water.

This is a real picture of the Yadkin Valley General Store owned by Nate's aunt and uncle.

Sophie does love to graze and especially where there are different grazing locations to try out.

Ice cream was a real treat on a hot summer day!

Riley found a new thing to try too - miniature golf. 

His frustrations with how people do and say things only continues with the golf thing.

The final straw for him was seeing an ELK Pharmacy.  He got plenty "rileyed" with the lack of a MOOSE pharmacy.

Then along came Him-icane Earl and they had to leave quickly so they wouldn't get blown away.

Riley tries to encourage Nate by reminding him of all the good things that have happened to him this summer.

As always, Riley rides his red tractor into the sunset onto his next adventure.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with Riley and Sophie.  Please leave a comment so he'll know you were here.

Blessings and Huggeroonies,


Rene said...

How cute! So neat how they tell a story! :D

Card Crazy said...

Kathy, you really know how to make a gal tear up. Your latest adventure is so adorable and, at the same time, so touching. I really think it's time for Riley, Sophie and Tilda to meet. I think they'd be the bestest friends 'cuz they all have such big hearts. When I figure out how to get them together, I'll let you know. TsomuchFS.
Sue S.

Peggie said...

I love your stories. They are such a joy. Then I looked at the rest of your blog. I guess I haven't been in a while. Really love all the cards.

Pat said...

Gosh's been a while since I've enjoyed one of your Riley stories! Absolutely delightful!! Pat Frank

Sandy said...

Now you are one creative lady! I enjoyed this a lot!!