Friday, May 06, 2011

The "Master Chef" Lives at My House!

My dear husband was so understanding while I was in Florida with my daughter.  He had to learn a whole new group of domestic skills.  I have royally spoiled him for over 25 years.  He rarely had to fend for himself.  So doing any cooking was a new learning experience for him. 

As my daughter and I were watching the Top Chef competition on TV, I got this idea of having my friend Roxy make me a Culinary Master Chef certificate for him.  Here is the Certificate!

He has Mastered the following techniques -

Freezing of Ice Cubes
Boiling Water
Thawing of Meatballs
Preparing Jell-O
Cooking Box Mac & Cheese and Spaghetti
Whipping up a Western Omelet.

Succeeding in these techniques in such a way that he is capable of
staying by himself for an extended period of time without starving,
qualify him as a Culinary Master Chef.

He laughed when we presented it to him in the Cafe' after church the first Sunday I was back home!  He was a very good sport about it.  When I would call him with updates from the hospital, he would tell me about something he had just figured out how to make like Jell-O. 

Of course this doesn't cover over-the-phone instructions for operating the washer and dryer.  He never did go for the vaccuum and very minimal use of the broom and dustpan.  He did keep the dishes done every couple days.  He did a great job and I am proud of him!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have enjoyed the Culinary Master Chef certificate!



Sandy said...

Congratulations to the new chef!!

Card Crazy said...

Oh Kathy, what can I say? First, Riley and Sophie, then this Award. Too much fun for one day. Thanks.
Sue S.

Jean said...

Kathy, this certificate is just too cute.. all husbands ought to get one as most of them deserve them once in their lives... Problems is my husband taught me to cook.. was sad the first year my daughter was married and living away from home at Thanksgiving she called and asked for her Dad... she wanted to know how to fix the turked and the dressing.. I sure felt bad, but he is a good cook.. so I am glad your hubby can at least do the basic things, but love the certificate... CUTE!!
Hugs, Jean

kaartenhuisje Angelique said...

hhahahahaah verry nice, realy love ite.

have a nice day today,


Linda said...

Wow what a great project!!!! Love it!!!!

Christina C. said...

Lucky man!!!! This is soooo clever!
I think he should have it framed!!!!

cabio's craft corner said...

That's too cute Kathy. Thanks for sharing :o)