Thursday, May 05, 2011

Riley and Sophie Try to Visit Santa

I started this Riley card about Thanksgiving time. 
I just finished it this past weekend.  With all that was going on with my daughter, I just couldn't focus on making a funny card.  I feel so bad that Nate hasn't received any Riley cards in a long time. 

This is the Stand image from Magnoli-licious.  I though it looked like a great place for Santa to set up for visits from the little mooses.  The Santa hat is from Edwin as Santa that I colored and cut out.

When Riley and Sophie arrived, Santa had left for break for 10 minutes.  At least that's what the sign said.

They were very patient and waited for about a half hour.  When Santa didn't return, they went off to play.

There weren't any other mooses around to play with.

Riley loves skiing and found a hill nearby to try out.

Sophie is a little more cautious.  She made a snow moose.  It was very difficult for her to resist the temptation to throw snowballs at Riley though.  She remembered the last time and how hard Riley could throw them back at her!

When they got chilly and tired, they went home.  Sophie was such a sweet moose.  She made some very yummy cupcakes and a pretty birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas.

Like most of us, they had so much snow.  Riley got very tired of having to replenish the hay supply.

Here's an overview of the opened easel card showing Riley and Sophie waiting at the Santa House and off playing.  I made the figures stand up using plastic strips taped behind them.

I know this isn't one of my better Riley cards, but at least it's done and in the mail now.

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kaartenhuisje Angelique said...

wooooow what a great cards, i realy like christmas (cards) it's so fun...

A big hug for you.


Mascha van Dijk Zimmerman said...

Wonderfull job, your cards are evry pretty, bye Mascha

Danielle said...

This is very sweet Kathy, I love it. I am sorry I have not seen any of your other Riley & Sophie cards, cause I loved reading the story.
Beautiful work.

Linda said...

Wow what a wonderful card!!! You did an excellent job I simply love it!!!!!

Card Crazy said...

Oh Kathy, it's definitely a "better work"! I've missed your little friends and am so glad they're back. Sure hope all is going well for you and your family.
Sue S.