Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween a few days early.  Our Inventory Reduction Challenge #55 theme is Halloween.
I don't usually do Halloween other than having Peanut Butter Cups for the 3 or 4 trick-or-treaters who come to our house and the rest of the bag are my hubby's, if I don't get them first.  When we first moved here we would have 10 to 15 then they all grew up.
Now the fire department has a very nice party for the kids.  The last 3 or 4 years our church also had a party, but the fire dept. is just around the corner so it was duplication of efforts.  This year the church is taking a group to a corn maze on Sunday afternoon instead of a party.

 Here is my Happy Halloween card.
Tilda is all ready to create havoc on her broom.  Oh no!!  She is stuck in the tree already!

Where is Edwin when Tilda really needs him ?!?

in his Super Edwin costume!!   Oh My! Look at that spooky black cat sitting on the Trick or Treat fence Tilda decorated this morning.  

What in the world is that scary looking thing with Edwin?!?

If you look very closely maybe you will recognize RUFUS!!  He had enough of being left out of the fun on Halloween eve so he dressed himself up as a chicken or maybe a bird!  Good job, Rufus!!

I took extra "Edwin heads" and cut out the masks for Tilda and Rufus.  The eyes have Crystal Effects on them so they real shine.  The black cat has green pearls for it's eyes, but they don't really show in the picture.  And bless Rufus' heart! He covered himself in feathers!  Yes, real feathers from my hubby's pillow.   SHHHHHH! Don't tell him.  Then I added some black and yellow Dew Drops on the bottom edge and the front top corner.

This card was really fun to make.  Please stop by my team mates' blogs and see what spooky, scary things they may have come up with!

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Linda said...

Wow kathy this is a winner!!!! You did a fabulous job on it!!!!! Way to go!!!!!

Danielle said...

Hello Kathy, what a lovely mise en scène! Such a cute story that goes with it. Beautiful layout, and clever use of super Edwin. I just love!

Christina C. said...

OMG, Kathy, this is incredibly, love the masks!!!!
What a fun card you created!!!
Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

Card Crazy said...

How funny! Poor Rufus is going to have a time of it licking off all those feathers. I'd advise that you don't put them back in hubby's pillow :) Dog slobber, you know.
Darling card, Kathy.
Sue S.

Rene said...

LOL...oh Rufus, you are FABULOUS!!!! And so is this card many fun details...all the "kids" look fabulous and I know they will get tons of candy!!!
Rene :D

Cami said...

Wonderful, fun card! I love Rufus dressed up in his feather costume for whatever he wants to be!
Hugs, Cami

Mascha van Dijk Zimmerman said...

It's so funny!! Lovely card! Bye mascha

Jacque said...

Kathy this is just darling and what a cute story you have created!!! Those masks are too cute!!! Rufus is a trip for sure!! hahahah...this card just makes me giggle!!! Great creative job, sweetie!! Big hugs..Jacque

Only By His Grace said...

Oh you are so funny Kathy. Rufus looks so funny. what great imagination you have.
I love this card. They are all in disguise LOL.
Hugs Maz

Anonymous said...

This is so amazing! I can't believe that you covered Rufus in feathers, he looks fantastic! Awesome card Kathy!
Hugs Julie P

Lillian said...

Whoa- what a great imagination you have, Kathy -- this is a GR8 creation !! Love how it all came together -- and colored so well !
Happy Halloweeneers to you - the best part of it is the CHOCOLATE - never can get enough - hahahaha. Give me treats over tricks any time . . .

Louise said...

Super cute card, I just love rufus

Kelly Neis said...

that is the cutest card, I love the dog in costume, very creative.

EnblogSail said...

Ooh! sooo cute! Brings a smile to my face:)

Francy said...

Lovely and funny card. The background is gorgeous.

Patti Jo said...

What fun details you have created Kathy! Love your costumes for the main characters! Great job!!!

cabio's craft corner said...

CUTE and this card just made me smile. very cute!!

Sandy said...

This is so cute Kathy - what wonderful details - mad me laugh out loud that's for sure!