Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hostas in Bloom!

Time really goes by too quickly. In checking out other blogs, I realized that I was the only one who hasn't posted in the past 4 days. Shame on me.

While I was outside the other day, I realized how beautiful our hostas were when in full bloom (sounds like a good name for a stamp set!). There are 3 color combinations of the leaves - solid green, white along the leaf edges and varigated yellow/green leaves. They all have the same light lavendar flowers. Unfortunately the flowers don't show up very well in this picture. The plants are large enough they cover up the underside of the deck too.

I got a couple very exciting emails earlier this week. I have been accepted into Splitcoast Stampers RAK and Wish RAK forums!!!!!!!!!!! One of my stamping friends is also in it and has been encouraging me to join, so I did. Everytime I would be at her house she would show me some of the goodies she had received from people RAKing her! Secretly I was getting very jealous :( Are any of you SBS22 sistahs in SCS RAK forum?

I have made a little bit of progress organizing the "pile" in my stamping room. A friend asked about buying a dozen assorted cards. My cards were "assorted" into 4 shoe boxes and mixed in with unfinished cards and card kits. I really had to sort out the cards by type - birthday, get well, thank you, friendship, etc.and get them organized in 2 shoeboxes with large index cards separating the different the types. The large bluish box on top of the pile in my second post looks a little bit better now.
As long as I was sorting and re-arranging, I straightened up my card kits too. I cut all the pieces for a card and put them, a picture of the card and an index card with pertinent info on it in a sandwich bag and seal it up. Most of the kits were in the bags so that the zipper edge of the baggies was at the side and didn't fold down. I put all of them in so the zipper was at the top and it could be folded down behind the baggie.
Here is a picture of a card kit using the And
Everything Nice stamp set.
As I cut the papers, I write down the sizes and color of cardstock. Colors for ink pads, markers, chalks, colored pencils, etc. are also recorded on the index card. On the reverse side of the index card is a picture of the card and if not SU, the name of the magazine I found it in. All of this is so if someone asks for a card like ............ I can recreate the exact card.

When I want to stamp or color I already have about 2 dozen to choose from with everything ready to just get busy!!

Since I didn't know exactly what this friend would like, I will take several with me tomorrow and she can choose which ones she wants. Here are some pics of the cards I'm taking to her.

There is an assortment of everything!!

As I have to work tomorrow, I will say "Good Night. God Bless.


BritChickNY said...

Kathy, how on earth do you find the time! You are sooo organized! I am taking notes as I read your blog as you have some great ideas regarding stamping!
Thank-you for the inspiration!

Cindy Vernon said...

Wow, you should see my unsorted piles! I make cards and throw them in a pile to put sentiments inside and to sort but they just seem to pile up! Great job that you got them sorted!

Anonymous said...

I really should do this, then I will know what I should make when I go to play.

Sarah Elliott said...

I wish I could be so organized. You have some really amazing cards in there.

Anne said...

Oh BOY! Can I come play with you??? You have an amazing system! I never would have thought to keep notes about my cards and recreate them. That is a GREAT idea!
And all the cards you have pictured (for your friend) are just lovely. You do great work.