Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Pets Who Think They are Children

We currently have 3 kitties and 1 dog. They were all strays who picked us out of the crowd!

This is Mee-Ow. She came to live with us in March, 2002. She was just a tiny little thing who had been living under our mobile home and getting into the garbage. My DH suggested that I start feeding her. She ate all the food, followed me up on the deck and has been here ever since. She lays on the ironing board beside me in the sewing room. If I don't pet her enough, she reaches over and taps me on the shoulder. She has one small white spot on her chest (does not show in pic) and the rest of her fur is charcoal gray.

Our dog, Daisy Too, came from the Dog Control pound. We got her in September, 2004, about a month after we had our first dog put down, who was also named Daisy. Daisy Too is an Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix. She has one blue eye and one brown eye - watched-eyed dog. The funny coloring is merle and is characteristic of Aussies. We say she's our "spare parts" dog - some black toenails, some white nails, white paws, brown paws, blue eye, brown eye - made from spare parts!!
The black thing under her chin is her remote training collar. When she goes too close to the road or into the neighbors' yards where she is not supposed to go, my DH has a hand controller he presses a button on and it gives her a tiny shock and she comes a-running home. It sure beats picking her up off the road with a shovel.

These are our 2 garage kitties. Slippers is on the left looking away from me. Sneakers is on the right. Sneakers came to us in January, 2003. He had been living under our mobile all winter. He had been hurt and was limping. So being the good animal Samaritans we are, we tried to catch him to have him vet checked. We had been feeding him since early November, 2002 in an effort to get him close enough to catch him. Finally a Have-A-Heart trap did the trick. He passed his vet check but had to be kept confined for a month until his "operation" had time to heal. My DH built a pen for him in the garage and hung a heat lamp to keep him warm. He had a box insulated on all sides and a fleece pillow to sleep on. A rug in front of the box became known as "the sun deck". What a spoiled kitty he became!!

Slippers had been hanging around the bus garage where DH worked. The other cats bullied her, wouldn't let her eat or sleep in the box at night. So he brought her home the end of November, 2005. She is just the nicest kitty! She loves to be held and petted.

It took Sneakers about 3 weeks to adjust to Slippers, but now they are just like an old married couple - one minute they are batting at or chasing each other; the next they are snuggled up in the chair! Ain't it great!?!?!


TeresaW said...

Oh my goodness, your two garage kitties are the spitting image of my lovely Emily! They must be sisters, they will have to start their own SBS group. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Love your stories! Kitties get sooo spoiled in this household! :D

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Oh Kathy, You sound so much like myself. I've been known to be the cat lady on our street.

I have two 4-legged children too.
8 year old Sargent Pepper who is all black with gold eyes.

4 year old Hobo who is orange and a stray born in the back yard.

I love seeing and hearing about other's fuzzy children. and their lives.

Thanks for telling us about your's.