Thursday, December 01, 2011

Only Two Days Until Stamp Camp!

I am getting so excited!  I have been working so hard getting everything ready for our HUGE Christmas Card Stamp Camp coming up on Saturday, December 3.  We have 32 people signed up for this event, including 2 husband/wife teams.
Since I'm the only one of the coordinators who doesn't work, I volunteered (more or less) to do a lot of the prep work for the event.
I decorated 36 white paper bags with winter theme SU wheels.  Then I spritzed them with different colors spritzes I had in my stash, added 5 ribbon streamers, a hand stamped name tag and a Christmas bow.  Another one of our stamping friends did the names in calligraphy - beautiful job too!!  I started out with a stack of narrow Christmas ribbon spools.  As I ran out of one ribbon, I just added another!
Here are pictures of a couple of the bags showing the gorgeous name tags and decorations:

When spritzers aren't used regularly they do tend to glob :(  In each bag will be a packet of 15 envelopes and card kits for the 15 cards we're doing.

I am amazed at the mountain of card stock I went through cutting pieces for 180 cards.  Fortunately there were five different designs so I didn't get really sick of just one.  I posted pictures of them 4 or 5 posts ago.  I had to go buy more of a couple of the ribbons, but I did empty several spools. Talk about and inventory reduction project!!

We will also have 6 door prizes - 3 Magnolia Tilda calendars and 3 House Mouse calendars.  The idea for these calendars and the Excel files are from a Splitcoast Stampers group who did 2011 calendars.  One of the ladies posted some of her pages and I loved them.  The files for the calendars was emailed to me.  I am so sorry, but I cannot for the life of me remember who it was.

They are not colored so the winner can color however they would like.  I used a different stamp for each month that would represent something that month is known for.

Here are the Tilda calendar pages -


I edited these pics so they were all the same brightness, but as you can see ---

And here are the House Mouse pages -

Again I had all the pages looking the same when I did the edits on them.  Oh well ---  I'm tired, it's letting late and I'm using Kodak EasyShare and Blogger.  What more do I need to say!?!

I hope you have been able to stay awake through this looooooong post!  Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!



Barb Hardeman said...

OH, what awesome calendar pages Kathy! What a grand idea...and your decorated gift bags are really great! Hugs, Barb

Anonymous said...

Wow. love the Tilda Calenders! What a terrific idea. I'm sure that the winners will love them
Hugs Julie P

Peggie said...

These are great. Love both calendars.

Paula said...

WOW! I love those calendars!! This is an awesome idea (and then to let them color it...great!). Wish I could be there. Have fun :)

Sparkly Engineer said...

Love your calendars. Anyway to get one?

Rene said...

How DARLING! What a great project!
Rene :D

Card Crazy said...

Those are wonderful. I want them both!! Would it help if I beg and say "pretty please"?
Sue S.

Francy said...

Wow this calendar is stunning. I love the black and white.

Linda said...

Wow what an awesome project!!!!! The calendar is gorgeous!!!!!! Simply Fabulous!!!!!!

Mascha van Dijk Zimmerman said...

The calenders are so cute to look at, lovely designs, bye Mascha