Saturday, July 09, 2011

A beautiful Bridal Tea Party Card and July flower bed update

My friend Lori's daughter is getting married soon.  Last weekend was her bridal tea shower.  Her mom came over and we made a beautiful Magnolia Tea Cup card for her.  Making this card was soooooo fun.  Lori had a good idea of what she wanted and did a great job choosing the flowers and embellies.  With only minimal instruction, she colored and shaded the tea cup.  Everyone at the shower especially Lori's daughter loved the card!

I finally finished weeding out the triangle flower bed so you can see the flowers.  The hostas now completely cover the open space along the deck edge.  The hostas are so dense that nothing grows underneath them so I don't have to weed under them.
The flower triangle looks a bit sparse right now, but in a few days everything should begin growing very rapidly.

The thing leaning over toward the back is a Foxglove.  I have it in a tomato cage to help hold it up. 
The spikey green thing is a Yucca plant.  We removed about a dozen of them and just kept this one.  When I was finishing the weeding, I noticed several more small ones coming up around the one we saved.
The large green plant towards the left in the pic is a lavendar plant.  It bloomed earlier in the spring and now appears to be setting a second blooming.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the flowers with me!


Card Crazy said...

You have real style! Yucca makes such a wonderful accent plant, lavender is so beautiful and fragrant, and I envy you the ability to grow such lush, green Hostas.
They don't grow here in SoCal. No winter produces truly pathetic Hostas :)
Sue S.

Sandy said...

Very pretty card Kathy. I like to garden too but I must admit my husband does most of the work. So the Yucca plant works out okay where you live - humm - I am gonna have to try one.