Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Riley's Life Is Not Easy

It seems that Riley had a mooseable (miserable) winter and spring just like so many of us.  In typical Riley fashion, he overcame all the issues he was snouted with!

Because of all his misadventures, he hasn't visited Nate in several months.
So here goes with the saga of Riley's mooseable winter.

Poor Riley! Sure hope Nate remembers him.

Snow, snow and more snow.  I'm sure all the northerners remember!

All that snow and no time to play in it, ski or make snowmooses.

Then the floods came to the states along the big rivers and poor Riley and all his auntlers and unclers and coumooseins had to deal with that too and move on again!

While Riley was trying to have a little fun playing moose games, Sophie was not nearly so adventurous and stayed in the center of the herd.

Not wanting an opportunity for some fun to pass, Riley thought about using his antlers as wings during the tornadoes. 


Maybe not such a good idea.

Just when Riley thought things couldn't possibly get any worse, the wild fires headed in the herd's direction.

Will herd life ever return to normal grazing and browsing for Riley and his famoosely?

Will there be a big famoosely reunion with all the auntlers, unclers, coumooseins?

Things are not looking good for Riley and his herd.

But we all know that Riley doesn't get discouraged very easily. 

Maybe Sophie was busy baking those delicious looking mooseins and brewing that hot cocoa!?!

As always, Riley makes the best of every circumoosestance in his life!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another weird and whacky Riley adventure.


For those of you who are new to the adventures of Riley and Sophie and would like to know a bit of background, please email me privately and I will tell you the story of how and why these Riley cards began.


Anonymous said...

How cute!
Hugs Julie P

Card Crazy said...

Thank you,Kathy. You don't know just how much I've missed Riley and Sophie. All's well in the world again. I hope Nate know what a special Auntler he has.
Sue S.

Linda said...

Wow what fabulous project!!!!! This looks like a lot of work!!!!! The results are fabulous!!!! Great job!!!!

Sandy said...

First let me thank you for visiting my blog Kathy and leaving a little love! I looked at the name and said I know that name and indeed I did! As soon as I went to your blog I saw the continuation of the wonderful adventures of Riley and Sophie. You are a hoot Kathy and I love all the "moose" words you come up with. Never ever stop these adventures! The are so creative and so much fun.